Friday, March 05, 2010

TLC Drops Miss America Pageant!

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What a travesty!

TLC has not renewed their contract with the Miss America Organization even after a pretty impressive showing back in January with the pageant drawing in 4.5 million viewers.

Chairman of the Miss America Organization Sam Haskell explained that TLC was interested in singing a new two-year deal but for less money so he declined. He says 4 other networks both broadcast and cable are interested in taking on the pageant and willing to pay big money for it!


Miss America previously aired on Country Music Television and hasn't been seen on network TV since 2004 on ABC which they dropped due to low ratings. Next year the pageant will celebrate 90 years!

That's a whole lotta years of parading women around in swimsuits and gowns like Barbie dolls fostering female empowerment and awarding scholarships!

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