Friday, March 05, 2010

Life goes by so fast....

During the time I originally set up this blog I have noticed how FAST time flies by. I have been to many pageants and events this year and most of them I have represented the American Image Pageant with Pride!
Our fearless leader Deb (American Image Director and creator) has had some very serious health issue she has faced bravely over the coarser of this year. I feel so bad for her and her family as I know the reality of sickness and health. Being chronically ill is no fun and it has taken it's toll on her. She recently sold the pageant to a fabulous new director with lots of great ideas and new energy to put into growing the pageant. I hope I can help her do that .
Here's to great pageantry, great director and queens who do all they can to highlight the programs they believe in. Here's to all those who labor behind the seances to make a well run pageant just that... organized and fair.
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