Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Perfect Day

Living with severe anemia can be a roller coaster ride that you just can't get off of if not treated properly, and for some of us, even though treated, the ride slows down, but you never get off.
As I head for extensive testing today - mostly to discern if current medications are adequately addressing my needs, I am nervous though hopeful. As an "experienced patient", I can say without testing, that I have not been feeling well for the last month and am not really looking forward to the results. Even taking my meds regularly is no guarantee that all of the blood counts will be positive.
There have been new regulations set forth on meds treating iron-deficiency, specifically for oncology patients, which are the meds I take. To date, there has been no settlement on the new meds that will be released but with any hope, they will be more effective than the current options.
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