Monday, March 15, 2010

Police Snare Miss Puerto Rico Final Saboteurs

Miss Puerto Rico, Ingrid Marie Rivera, is at last feeling vindicated following the recent arrest of two beauty pageant employees, who police say pepper-sprayed her clothes prior to her crowning appearance last November.

The police have identified the joint culprits as the pageant’s security director and a catwalk co-ordinator in a case that has suffered more plot twists than your average Agatha Christie murder mystery thriller.

Once the story of the attempted sabotage emerged Miss Puerto Rico became an instant celebrity in the USA appearing first on Good Morning America, then on countless other high-profile shows. However, despite her clothes being forensically identified as containing pepper spray some gossips suggested that she had made the entire story up in order to get more publicity.

“We know girls who were very mad with the situation, but I’m not mentioning any names. Sooner or later we’ll know, the investigation will uncover them and then everyone will know.”

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