Friday, January 30, 2009

Miss North Carolina Definitely Makes Her Rounds

Miss North Carolina International 2008 Appearances October - December 2008:
October 2, 2008
All Knights Bash
Raleigh, NC

October 3, 2008
NC State Homecoming Parade
Raleigh, NC

October 4, 2008
NC State Football Game
Raleigh, NC

October 11, 2008
Cops for Kids Toy Drive
Weaverville, NC

October 11, 2008
Parade of Homes
Weaverville, NC

November 3, 2008
Red Cross Blood donation
Raleigh, NC

November 8, 2008
Make-A-Wish Foundation Princess Party
Raleigh, NC

November 9, 2008
Carolina Hurricanes Hockey Game
Raleigh, NC

November 22, 2008
Asheville Christmas Parade
Asheville, NC

December 19, 2008
Speaking about True Beauty
Black Mountain, NC

December 2008
Donald Latham Party with reigning queens/models
Asheville, NC

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Planning your Pageant Year…

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Working in the pageant industry is exciting, and at the same time, stressful.  It doesn’t matter if you are a fan, a director, or a blogger.  The excitement of these annual events enter our lives several times a year.

2009 got to a slow start. Most contests have been moved to the 2nd half of the year.  But those of you who love to plan ahead might enjoy reading these lines.

As confirmed by the Miss Universe Organization, the 2009 Miss USA pageant will take place at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino on Sunday, April 19th.  Those who enjoy the show as well as seeing the contestants up close will be excited to plan ahead for this event.  Who knows, you might be able to catch the next Miss Universe (Last year, Dayana Mendoza attended the event).

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Miss America hopes to see Super Bowl champ crowned

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Fresh from becoming Miss America, Katie Stam would like to see another winner crowned this weekend.

Only one problem: She doesn't have a ticket to the Super Bowl.

"I'm still hoping," Stam said Friday.

Super Bowl Football

The 22-year-old University of Indianapolis student won her title Saturday night in Las Vegas. She's in town this weekend for "Taste of the NFL," a charitable event that combines chefs, athletes and entertainers.

Stam was the first Miss Indiana to win the pageant. This Hoosier said her favorite sport is football, not hoops.

"I know, it's supposed to be basketball," she said.

She was raised in Seymour, about 60 miles south of Indianapolis. Rather than the home-state Colts, she roots for the Chicago Bears. That's the team her boyfriend of three years cheers for.

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Multichannel News

The Jan. 24 live telecast of the Miss America pageant drew 3.5 million viewers, according to Nielsen Media Research data. The pageant telecast, in which Miss Indiana Katie Stam won the 88-year old pageant's title, was the second-most viewed on cable, behind last year's Miss America Live! event on TLC, which averaged 3.6 million viewers. The show was the most-watched show on cable for the night among adults 18 to 49 (1.73 million viewers), women 18 to 49 (1.2 million), adults 18 to 34 (977,000 viewers) and women 18 to 34 (714,000).
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Update: Snubbed Miss New York tells us she’s not bitter

There’s only one person who disputes that the Miss America Organization made an egregious error when it snubbed Miss Brooklyn Leigh-Taylor Smith: Leigh-Taylor Smith.

Showing the grace and style that she has shown throughout the grueling death march that is our nation’s premiere beauty pageant, Smith told The Brooklyn Paper on Tuesday that she did not feel snubbed, betrayed, abused, let down or otherwise dismissed by the panel of judges that made Miss Indiana, Katie Stam, this year’s Miss America.

“No, the fix was not in,” Smith told me by phone when this columnist suggested that the fix was, um, in. “I was right up there with the others, in the final five, because it was a fair process.”

Readers of this column have long known that I have little respect for the Miss America Organization.

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Miss D.C.: Washington will one day take the crown!

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Gosh darn it … another Miss America beauty pageant and another miss for D.C.'s candidate. In fact, no D.C. beauty has taken up the crown since D.C.'s own Margaret Gorman won the pageant's very first title back in 1921.

This year, the winner was Indiana's Katie Stam, but we caught up with D.C.'s representative, Kate Marie Grinold, who did crack the pageant's top ten.

"D.C. will absolutely win it one day!" she told us. "It's just a matter of time."
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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Local miss to be featured on TLC show

When The Learning Channel chose local six-year-old Kayleigh Ledbetter to be part of its “Toddlers in Tiaras” series last year, they got a bit of a surprise. Although Kayleigh has been appearing in beauty pageants since she was 18-months of age, she is not your typical contestant-or, that is, her family is not your typical contestant's family. The family doesn't spend a lot of money on hair and make-up. In fact, Kayleigh doesn't wear make-up at all. Neither does she spend hours in coaching sessions and rehearsals being “prepped” for pageants, and there are no tears if she doesn't take first place.

“Kayleigh thinks just being in the pageant is winning. She's so happy, even if she doesn't win,” says Kayleigh's aunt, Allsion Layne.

It was Kayleigh's granddad, local pharmacist Bobby Ledbetter, who encouraged the family to enter Kayleigh in the Miss Gold Rush pageant, her first.
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Miss Utah 2008: More Pictures!

I thought I should make a separate post for the rest of the Miss America pictures.  These pictures are a little different because they are pictures AFTER the pageant.  And to make them even more special they were taken by “Everyday by Tuesdee.” My Sister In-Law is a freelance photographer and she was kind enough to capture every moment perfectly with her skill and perfection.   Her pictures are some of the best pictures I have.  She is a very talented photographer.  You can see more of her creations at .   

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Confessions of A Beauty Queen

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A Recovering Beauty Pageant Contestant Reflects On Her "Bedazzled" Journey

In six months, I will officially be too old to become Miss America.
This is not to imply that my likelihood of making the top ten has ever been stellar or even existent; however, it was nice to know that if college, career, or real life in general didn't work out, there was always Miss America.
Technically, I should hate everything about beauty pageants. The idea that intelligent, attractive young women would willingly parade around in little more than bronzer and double-stick tape and subject themselves to a judging process that closely resembles a prize emu competition at the state fair, seems antiquated at best.
However, this past weekend, as I watched a lace-clad Miss Indiana become the 52nd young woman to cry and take home the crown, I realized to my great horror, that the emotion welling up in my chest was not complacency, it was jealousy.
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Beauty pageant set for Feb. 28.

America's Cover Miss and Cover Boy, USA pageant will hold its annual pageant at the Victoria Mall on Feb. 28.

Registration will begin at 11 a.m. and the pageant will begin at noon.

For more information or to receive a brochure by mail call: 870-837-1075 or e-mail Brochures are available online at

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"STOMP"ing Back in NYC!!

First of all after I landed, I was picked up and we headed out to see "STOMP"! It was amazing to see how talented folks can be with garbage cans, brooms, and other household cleaning! It was great, and I enjoyed the show so much!
I used Friday to get settled in and rest up because Saturday morning I was on my way to Philadelphia to see the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Dexter University, and meet new friends along the way! And YES!!! Beauties of America's Teen ran up those stairs with pride and success just like "Rocky" in front of the Philly Museum! I don't think my muscles are quite that big yet, as the statue that stands out front!!
This was the beginning of what I knew was going to be another America's Teen adventure!
Til later!
Laurie Kimsey, America's Teen 2008
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Miss Iowa 2008: Send Off Party (Scroll Down to I’m Back Post)

Before I left for Miss America I was able to throw a send off party!! And it was a PARTY!! Desirae Ball Jones put forth a lot of time and effort to make the send off a success. Jacque Tingey Martineau was the hostess, with many performance groups in the midst of my wardrobe changes. I was overwhelmed by the love the community showed me as they not only came to support me at my send off, but have continuously given me support on my road towards Miss America. I have to thank Snow College for not only allowing us the use of the Eccles Theater, letting me do a radio spot, letting me exercise at the AC for free, and being willing to do mock interviews with me (Thank you Melanie Jenkins.) Also, Snow College’s very own Marlo Rice did numerous personal training sessions with me all for free. THANK YOU!!!

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Miss Indiana, Katie Stam Crowned Miss America

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Katie Stam was crowned Miss America for 2009 on Saturday night. Didn’t know that the Miss America Pageant was still around? Neither did I.

On TLC’s website, Katie lists her passions as promoting community service and involvement and says that her scholastic ambition is to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication. Her career ambition is to be become a television news reporter and anchor.

Katie says that she’s family-oriented and wishes to travel the world and experience different cultures and learn different languages. She says, “I’m just a small town, country girl, who is passionate, dedicated, and full of life.”

Bonus: Here’s Katie singing along with Johnny Rodgers for a song called, “Let’s Make A Date” that he wrote for Liza Minnelli.

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Does Miss America need a makeover?

miss america katie stam

Around 10 p.m. yesterday, my roommate and I suddenly realized that we had completely missed the 2009 Miss America Pageant.

We looked at each other, shrugged, and got on with what we were doing.

Okay, okay. I know it’s a scholarship pageant, and that the Miss America Organization gives out millions of dollars to young women who compete in the local, state and national competitions each year. AND that Miss America travels the world promoting a social issue of her choice after winning the crown.

Or worse, does the explosion of totally bizarre reality TV programs — where girls claw each other over getting to be Paris Hilton’s Chihuahua-carrying new best friend, or men and women duke it out to win a “shot at love” with bi-sexual internet sensation Tila Tequila — does the popularity of these programs mean Miss America is just not insane enough?

That’s just one theory.

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Work of being Miss America lured winner to crown

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Jan 25th, 2009 | LAS VEGAS -- Katie Stam always dreamed of becoming Miss America, but she bypassed the kiddie pageants and waited until she was more mature and sure of herself. Her view of Miss America changed in that time too, and made her want her new title even more.

A day after Stam was crowned Miss America 2009, she told The Associated Press that as a little girl, she considered Miss America more of a figure than a full-fledged job.

"I literally saw this girl who's living out her wildest dream," Stam said, but that view changed as she aged. "As soon as I found out the job description of Miss America, it only attracted me further."

The platform for the 22-year-old University of Indianapolis student is community service, and she says she's eager to start in that role. She planned to fly to New York later Sunday for a series of media interviews about her win.

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Miss America Evening Wear....Vegas Style

The 2009 Miss America pageant was held in Las Vegas over the weekend (that's the winner on the right, Katie Stam from Indiana). Is it just us, or did a lot of the girls' evening dresses resemble showgirl dresses? What's with all the slits?! We weren't that impressed. What do you think of the sequined look?
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