Monday, March 01, 2010

10 Pageant Platform Ideas

Community Service is a pillar of all pageant systems both large and small. We use our titles to be a positive impact to the people around us. Choosing a cause to champion can be a tough choice. Here are ten pageant platform ideas that might speak to your passions and why I think they are worth a double take:

Pageant Platform Ideas

1. The Boys and Girls Clubs of America

This organization has a great national presence as well as a local impact with a variety of character building programs.

2. The Children’s Miracle Network
3. Girls Scouts of America
4. Read Across America
5. Girls Inc.
6. Second Harvest Food Bank
7. Dress for Success
8. Susan G. Komen Foundation
9. The 50 Million Pound Challenge
10. Make Your Own

With an open mind and an open heart, you can be an active problem solver in your local community. Find an issue that means something to you personally and go after bettering the world nearest to you!

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