Thursday, March 25, 2010

Blogging from San Francisco Airport

The first weekend of March I drove to Tulare County with Kathi Baldwin for the Miss Tulare County pageant. We had a great time! Everyone was so very sweet and hospitable and I stayed with the Smiths which was too fun! The pageant was wonderful and I had so much fun with the contestants at rehearsals and during interviews! And I had an incredible dinner before the pageant with the judges... complete with creme brulee! Yum! Congratulations to Anne Baker, Miss Tulare County 2010!
The next morning Kathi and I left bright and early and headed down to Malibu for Isabella's birthday party. It was a great day and the girls had their own sashes, had a chance to show their talents and had fun learning about the different phases of competition. Happy Birthday Isabella and thank you for inviting me to your party!
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