Monday, March 15, 2010

3 Ways to Support Your Pageant Queen

Capturing the pageant crown is not a one gal show. Success in pageantry requires a squad to cheer a contestant onto victory. If your new to pageantry, chances are you have seen one too many catty pageant movies, therefore you perception of pageantry might be scued. Once you let your guard down you will find that competing is a family affair and tons of fun.

How to Support Your Pageant Queen

Setting up your pageant girl up for success is simple. With a little creativity, you can be very helpful and encouraging supporters. Here are some activities that will point you in the right direction when supporting your girl:

As her pageant family you need to understand the courage required to compete and then bend over backwards to help make her victory possible. Pageant systems are set up to encourage the young woman that give their all to compete and the people who love them an opportunity to encourage them!

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