Saturday, March 20, 2010

10 Pageant Song Ideas for Talent

I'm not sure I agree with "Somewhere over the Rainbow." Judy Garland nailed it. I cringe at pageants when I hear it...
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There is only one question when it comes to your on-stage talent and the panel of judges before you: Do I want to see it again? That is the mark of a great pageant talent no matter what you are doing. Whatever skills you take to the stage should entertain everyone in the house. That is your goal. Not all of your judges will be experts in your talent. However, anyone can appreciate a talent that is memorable. So remember, when choosing what to sing, dance to, or play, it’s about creating a bond between you and your audience in less than two minutes. Here are a few songs that have left an impression on me over the years. Hopefully, you can re-create and refresh one of them to make it your own! Good Luck!

1. Dream a Little Dream of Me

2. Somewhere Over the Rainbow

3. Think of Me

4. Defying Gravity

5. Greatest Love of All

Pageant Dance Songs for Talent

6. Fever

7. Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend

8. My Strongest Suite

Instrumental Pageant Song Ideas

9. Titanic Theme Song

10.  Make it up!

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