Tuesday, December 01, 2009

The Night of Lights Holiday Parade

My home town growing up is Danville, Illinois, and I had the privilege of being a part of the Night of Lights Parade in Danville this Thursday evening. The rain held up for a really nice event! It was good to come home and be a part of the a week long holiday opening!

As it turns out I also got to see all the fanfare for the Danville Vikings, my High School football team, as they are 12 and 0, and were playing in the semi-finals Saturday! Go Vikings!!!
The photo in front of the Veteran's War Memorial is especially important to me because my grandfathers were Army vets, my Father-in-law is a Marine, and I was there for the actual dedication of this memorial when I was Miss Vermilion County AFL-CIO (Miss America Organization). Getting to be back there again was incredibly sweet!
PS - that dog had a lighted up outfit, and apparently is a part of the parade every year as a "reindeer"...too cute!
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