Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Kraft’s “Miss Universe” ad a tad cheesy

I have never been one of these overly cynical people who thinks the public at-large is stupid, but I do believe there are many people who unquestioningly believe what they are told because they have lazy tendencies.
Checking out facts takes time.
IT IS BECAUSE of that basic trend of human nature that I wonder about the “genius” who came up with the new advertising campaign being used by Kraft Foods in the United States on Spanish-language television.
It is meant to be a “clever” gag to promote the idea that Kraft-brand slices of American cheese are made from “real” ingredients, rather than phony substitutes. But I’m still bothered by what I could see as confusion, and also the fact that the Univision television network is willing to play along with the ad.
I guess their top priority is the money they are being paid by Kraft to participate in the stunt. Which ultimately is what this whole thing is – a cheap stunt.
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