Tuesday, December 01, 2009

A Courageous Beauty Interview: Mrs. Alaska America 2009-Erika Bennett

Angie: What interested you in pageants?
Erika: When I was nine years old my mother was Mrs. Alaska-America 1980, that left a lasting impression on me.  She proceeded to become involved with the Miss Alaska scholarship pageant system for many years after that and also opened a talent agency in Alaska.  I saw the good that can come out of pageants and know they can be fun, so I entered a few teen pageants (didn’t win any).
Angie: Why did you decide to compete?
Erika: I competed for Mrs. Alaska-America three times.  I think the main reason I tried the first time was because of my mother.  Each time I had so much fun and really had a chance to focus on myself for a change that I ran again.  This year (2009) I competed mainly to help “force” me to get back into my pre-baby shape and allow myself some “me time” after having my daughter.
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