Wednesday, December 30, 2009

On the Eve of Christmas

With each Christmas, I am always reminiscent of days gone by and memories from when Santa was a true sparkle in my eye. With memories of rushing into the living room to see what treats Santa brought to attending midnight mass and enjoying each carol with a new found appreciation; I enjoy each moment of the Christmas season because it offers true hope for brighter days.
As I go about my day, the Christmas music rings through the house and the cookies are in the oven, I look back at the year that I've had - the laughter, the tears, the challenges and the triumphs. This year, has been a particularly difficult year and as Christmas brings us to the close of the year, I am looking forward to the next. In this year I have been tested and tried on almost every level and with each challenge I have gotten back up and dusted myself off ready to take on what comes next.
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