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November 7, 2008

November 13th, 2008

Hi everyone! Halloween is over, which can only mean one thing - the holidays are quickly approaching. Can you believe it? Not me… I feel like just yesterday I was in sunny California, filming the reality show with the girls… now most stores already have their holiday decorations up! Crazy. Who knew the year would fly by so fast?? They tell you, but you don’t realize it until you do the job.

On October 24, I was in Omaha, Nebraska to celebrate the accomplishments of John Gottschalk, who is publisher & CEO of the Omaha World-Herald. John is also the current president of the national board of the Boy Scouts of America and former national chair of the USO. At the event, I participated in an indoor parade (yes, indoor) which took place inside the ballroom at the Embassy Suites Hotel. It was a huge space with about 2000 seated guests. Luckily, I was preceded by an a capella choral group of young men from the nearby University singing, “There She Is, Miss America,” and I rode on a red, white, and blue float. I was lucky enough to be accompanied by an INCREDIBLE eight-piece live band singing “Over the Rainbow” (there’s nothing like LIVE accompaniment). Winning Crown Boutique provided me with a lovely fuchsia dress and I can’t thank them enough! Later on I sang “America the Beautiful(,)” while standing next to the guest of honor, and for the grand finale, “God Bless America” while confetti cannons covered the stage. It was quite a production number, and certainly the biggest retirement party I’ve ever attended.

That Sunday I had the opportunity of a lifetime to sing the National Anthem for the Detroit Lions football game - my hometown team! I have been singing the National Anthem for events since fifth grade but this was my first professional football game and it was so exciting! It also gave some family friends an excuse to get out of the house and go to a game… great to catch up with loved ones….it was a great game and I’m glad my parents could share in the fun too. While it WAS the first time in the season that the Lions were leading going in at half-time…we ended up losing to the Redskins. I was bummed, but what can you do? I certainly couldn’t go out on the field and take their place. That’s one thing the crown can’t do… magically transform me into a linebacker. Although, I’m sure sometimes that duty is easier. :) Blog » November 7, 2008

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