Saturday, November 22, 2008

Dancing with the Starzz « Miss Utah 2008

Saturday November 8th I attended a fundraiser for Utah’s Best Buddies program called, “Dancing with the Starzz.” It was organized so that each “buddy” would dance a duet with a “celebrity” in front of the whole audience. The “celebrities” had to come early to practice their dance with their “buddy.” In some cases there was a choreographer that helped with the dance, and in other cases the buddies made up their own dance and taught it to the “celebrity.” The Miss Utah USA organization works a lot with the Best Buddies program, so Miss Utah USA Julia Bachison, Miss Teen Utah USA Kate Feinstein, and Miss USA Crystle Stewart came to this event. What an honor it was for Utah to have Miss USA herself come to one of our events. Julia and Crystal danced with a Buddy and I was lucky enough to dance with my Buddy, Branon Fredrickson. Utah’s first lady, MaryKay Huntsman, was also a special guest that evening! The boys all danced with beauty queens, the first lady, or women that help with Best Buddies. The girls danced with the Real Soccer Mascot, a Jazz basketball player, and men that work for Best Buddies. It was such a fun event for everyone!! I know I mentioned a lot of queens that attended, but that’s not the last of them. Mrs. Utah attended and brought her friend Mrs. Arizona. The whole night was full of glamour and excitement. Chanel 5 News was there to take a few news clips. They even interview Branon and he was on TV!! It was a grand experience for all of the Buddies and the “celebrities.”
Dancing with the Starzz « Miss Utah 2008

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