Sunday, November 16, 2008

Marci's Blog: Miss Delmarva Pageant

Miss Delmarva Pageant

Wow, I had a great time returning to the Miss Delmarva Pageant in Laurel, DE. This year, I judged the competition with two other lovely ladies!

I was Miss Delmarva 2003. I won the title during my first year of law school and really had a great year.

April Brilliant (the director) runs a fabulous pageant - it is fun and simple! If anyone is new to pageantry, this is a great pageant to try because you only have to compete in a cocktail dress or evening gown (your choice), do a short introduction, and (for older ladies) be asked a random on stage question.

I loved hearing the outgoing Mrs. Delmarva's farewell speech. She and her two daughters all won Delmarva titles last year and it was touching to hear how proud they were to represent the Delmarva area. She and all of the outgoing queens obviously did a great job representing their titles with community service work and public appearances! Kudos to all!!!

To friends that were there and we didn't get a chance to chat, I hope that we catch up at the next pageant!

I cannot remember the winners' names, but I do have photos :-) Enjoy!

Marci's Blog: Miss Delmarva Pageant

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