Thursday, November 06, 2008

Angela's Adventures: The Realities of Domestic Violence

The Realities of Domestic Violence

Yesterday, November 3 as I walked by my neighbors door I was greeted with this.....

It looks like the aftermath of a tornado or a hurricane right??
It isn't is it what happened when her ex husband tried to get into her house to "talk" to her and see their daughter at 1am and found the locks had been changed. He took his car and ran it into their front door backed it up and hit it again. Once he realize that the door wasn't going to open he got in his car and drove away like nothing had happened.
Imagine being greeted at 1am by your ex husband ramming his car into your front door?
Imagine be woken up by your father screaming at your front door... sounds like a bad movie but it is reality for MANY women and children. This is why I speak out b/c far too many are still thinking pictures like the one above are from movies or natural disasters and not what they truly are, angry out of control abusers coming after what they deem as theirs.
I am happy to report he was unable to get to my neighbor or her daughter. His anger damaged the door frame so badly the door wouldn't open so he protected them in a way this time but the fear they live with is not likely to go away anytime soon.
Imagine living with this fear... now get up and do something so no one has to live with it ever again.
Angela's Adventures: The Realities of Domestic Violence

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