Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Permission Slip From God

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Turning fifty was like getting a permission slip from God.  “Go forth and do that which ye desires because, time is a wasting my dear!” said the note.  Message received, oh heavenly One.
Permission Slip From God
The relief was tremendous.  Finally, it was OK to open that box of treasured “what ifs” I had secretly been stashing for more years than I can remember.  Unfortunately, the box full of thoughts was tucked away for more practical and suitably acceptable pursuits. 
By the time I was thirty-six I was a registered lobbyist convincing elected officials to pass bills addressing transportation funding, anti-stalking legislation, and impaired driving.  In my world I interfaced with power brokers and politicians.  My wardrobe consisted of suits in shades of navy blue and black.  My hair color was carefully maintained at the “smart blonde” tint least a tad lighter take me to a different level of credibility.  
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