Thursday, November 12, 2009

Carrie Prejean’s Near-Walkout On Larry King

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Carrie Prejean was on Larry King last night and she kept on threatening to walk out because Larry was being “inappropriate.”

This may be the most bizarre 2 minutes of Larry King Live ever.

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ameliavega27 said...

I also find related articles here Carrie Prejean threatens walk-out on 'inappropriate' Larry King

When she was fired by Trump

Anonymous said...

I, as big pageant fan (who speaks for those who agree with me)is sick to death of hearing about Carrie Prejean. If anyone as any common sense, they'll know that Carrie is a load of B.S. not cause her given answer at the Miss USA pageant, but because she posed nude and had a sex video out. And she thinks she didn't do anything wrong. She gives pageant girls a bad name : (