Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Courageous Beauties Interview: Virginia 30's Beauties of America-Rebecca Crosen

Angie: In asking other women I admire for referrals to someone they admire, Michelle Fields connected me to Rebecca. An interesting twist to confidence is that we put trust in the confident referral of someone we trust. Hmm. I think there's something in this for the upcoming book, Courageous Beauty!

Angie: What titles do you hold?

Rebecca: I do not currently hold a title, but am the former National Mrs. Virginia (2006) and Virginia 30's Beauty Of America (2008/9)

Angie: What is your platform?

Rebecca: "It's Hip 2 Give" is my personal platform - Blood donation is vital to my life and the life of millions of others and by donating just one hour of time and one pint of blood, a donor saves 2 lives.

Angie: Why did you decide to compete?

Rebecca: Beyond my friend asking me to compete, I genuinely thought as a teen that it was a fun experience. As I grew older, I not only felt it was fun, but an opportunity to grow as an individual and to promote a personal cause.
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