Friday, October 17, 2008

Mrs. Oregon International 2008: Trip to Medford also celebration!

After my trip to visit two very impressive alcohol and drug treatment providers, my husband and I had a chance to relax and visit our dear friends from the area.  

Kathy Shepherd, Mrs. Oregon International 1988 (We have been best friends for more years than either of us want to admit!) and her husband, jet boat designer extraordinaire Joel (remember the Bat Boat in Batman Returns?  That was Joel's genius!) treated my husband and me to a wonderful wedding anniversary celebration, Rogue River style!

Boarding one of the last dinner boat cruises of the summer season, the four of us hit the Rogue River for a fabulous trip and equally impressive dinner courtesy of Hellgate Jet Boats.  It was a wet, wild, and exciting ride!  We saw several locations on the river used in the filming of Batman Returns, The River Wild, Paint Your Wagons, and a couple of other movies with which I was not so familiar.

In the end it was a wonderful celebration.  Thank you to Kathy and Joel for treating us to such a fun anniversary!  Getting soaking wet has never been so much fun!
Trip to Medford also celebration!
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