Friday, October 24, 2008

Ellen Show « Miss Utah 2008

We started filming on location the day after we arrived.  We filmed for four days, had a three day break, and then returned back to the location to continue filming.  During the duration of the three days we had off we were able to be on the Ellen Show, go on a Warren Brothers tour, go to an Angels game, visit the Los Angeles Zoo, meet the Mayor of Manhattan Beach, visit a Children’s Hospital, and go to many sponsored dinners. 


While on the Ellen show, we participated in an ongoing joke Ellen has with George Clooney.  She is constantly trying to get him to come out of his office, which is located behind her studio.  To do this she uses various guests on her show to help with her schemes.  This is where the Miss America Contestants come in.  Instead of being on Ellen’s set, we stood behind her studio - right in front of George Clooney’s office.  Ellen instructed all of us to walk in a circle while repeating, “We sing this tunney for Mr. George Clooney!” She was hoping that by parading us around his office it would lure him out.  It was quite comical to see 53 women (counting Miss America) trying to beckon out George.  What’s funny is that he wasn’t even there; nor do I think he is ever there for her jokes. 
Ellen Show « Miss Utah 2008
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