Thursday, October 30, 2008

Beauties of America Pageant - Official Blogspot: Hey Everyone,

OK, first let me start off that I am not the computer savy one of the group. I have tried a few times to post a message or even a photo (lets hope this works)...LOL!

Hello to all my sister queens. I hope you have a safe and Happy Halloween!!

It has been so much fun representing BOA!! I am looking forward to the rest of the year and representing all the 30's gal across this great country of ours!

These are a few of the appearances I have done so far.

Look Good, Feel Better with the American Cancer Society. This is myself, Betty, and Ilene and Ilene, myself and Edna from the ACS. It was a great time, and I recommend this program to anyone out there who truly wants to bring a smile to someone dealing with this disease. Also, I traveled to St. Johnsbury, VT for a prelimnary pageant for the upcoming New England Sunburst Pageant. I will have more pictures after this weekend, where I will be traveling to NH for the Miss/Teen NH USA, and also will be attending the QFAD at Children's Hospital here in Boston. I will participating in some holiday parades as well as doing some charity work with the Salvation Army

Best wishes to all,
BOA 30's
Beauties of America Pageant - Official Blogspot: Hey Everyone,
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