Friday, October 24, 2008

BEAUTY WORLD CUP: Miss Earth 2008 Early Favorites

Now on its 8th year, the Miss Earth Beauty Pageant will be held once again in the Philippines with pre-pageant activities to be held in Bali and Guam. As more than 90 contestants from all over the world arrive in Manila, some of them are early favorites of spectators, pageant enthusiasts and press people already.

Here are the pre-pageant favorites for the Miss Earth 2008 crown:

The frontrunner is Miss Greece:

Followed by:

Miss Brazil
Miss Czech Republic

Miss Mexico
Miss Romania
Miss Slovak Republic

Miss Switzerland

Miss Tanzania

Miss Thailand
Miss Venezuela

Miss Philippines

The Miss Earth 2008 coronation night is happening on November 9, 2008 at the Clark Expo Amphitheater in Angeles City, Pampanga and to be televised live by ABS-CBN and delayed telecast on TFC and Star World.

Photo Credits: OPMB and Miss Earth Official Website
BEAUTY WORLD CUP: Miss Earth 2008 Early Favorites
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