Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Cori Magnotta

I just wanted to share with you all of the things I've been up to lately! Attached please find the article that ran in the Middletown Press, the same article also ran in the Hartford Current and the Record Journal.
I've also been promoting my platform, Eating Disorder Awareness. Here is a link I did for CBS. You can click the play button on the right to see the airing. I recently found out that the story did air on CBS stations across the country! I also did a film for a new, exciting website called which broadcasts internationally: It's becoming quite popular and the Connecticut Post did a story on it where they quoted me and explained more about the site, here's the link: Also don't forget to watch me on ABC this July when my eating disorder special airs nationally on a special primetime report!
I also wanted to let you know what a wonderful opportunity it was to co-host the Bauer Hour with Mr. Bauer on Comcast Television. I can't wait to get the tape so I can watch it again! It was an honor to represent and let others know about the American Dream Pageant system. I also love when people say "didn't I see you on TV?" I will also be in the Daffodil Festival Parade on April 28th and crowning 'Little Miss Daffodil' a fundraiser pageant for charities in my town. Both will air on Cable Comcast Network Channel 3.
God Bless,
Cori K. Magnotta
Mrs. CT American Dream
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