Thursday, February 11, 2010

Super School News 30th Anniversary

Michelle looks right at home behind that desk...hmmm....
I was a greeter for the Rocky Mountain PBS Super School News 30th reunion. This was a celebration of 30 years of this wonderful program that incorporates 5th and 6th graders with the station to produce a 2 minute program that airs four times a day. What a great way to teach kids about broadcasting.
There was a lot of memorabilia around the station. There were photographs of students and where they are now including one who went on to the Naval Academy. That was special for me since my husband graduated from the Academy.
This is me on the set for Super School New. I think I look pretty good behind the desk. Maybe I have a future in broadcasting?
This is one of the more recent students that did Super School News. I even met some people who did it back in the 1980's and were now bringing their children to see it. This is a wonderful outreach to the Elementary Schools.
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