Thursday, February 11, 2010

Miss America - NAM girl makes top 5!

Well America and fellow pageant girls, we have ourselves a NEW MISS AMERICA!  WOO HOO!
I must say, I called it from the beginning and that dress!! WOW!! LOVED IT - wish I could pull of yellow!  I am sure that our new Miss America, who hails from Virginia will represent women, pageantry, and America in true class and fashion!
However, I am most proud about the 2 fellow NAM girls that competed on the Miss America stage. Brooke Kilgarriff (Miss Minnesota) and Mallory Ervin( Miss Kentucky) are both former titleholders. 
Mallory (pictured left on stage at the 2005 National American Miss National pageant) not only impressed OUR judges when she was National American Miss
13,000 young women competed for the title across the country and National American Miss's own placed among the top! But....does that really surprise any of us? National American Miss ROCKS!
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