Friday, February 05, 2010

Miss America!!

WOW. What an absolute whirlwind the last two weeks have been!
I am not even quite sure where to start! This will likely be a lengthy post, so grab a cup of coffee and a blanket and settle in... here goes!
The Sunday before I left for Miss America, Bob and the Baldwins threw me a "sendoff party". It was wonderful!! I had such a great time and it was the perfect way to see everyone before I left. Bob even surprised me by having MISS AMERICA there! I was shocked! It was a wonderful evening, thank you so so much to everyone who was involved in the planning process!!
The next two days were filled with last minute shopping trips, lots and lots and lots of packing, and last minute gym trips and even a quick appearance at Total Woman Gym and Day Spa in Laguna Hills. On Wednesday morning, Kathi drove me to Chelle's house with her car packed to the brim and Chelle then drove me to Las Vegas. It took us 6 1/2 hours through rain, snow, fog and sunshine to arrive at the Planet Hollywood.
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