Thursday, February 18, 2010

Schools shoudnever be without...

No school should be without them -- playgrounds, chalkboards, and the one thing that could save a student's life in the event of a heart attack -- a Defibrillator. In fact, two Arkansas students have already been saved with the help of and AED this year.

Take action and help put an AED in every Arkansas school!

Last year you helped us pass a law that requires an AED for every school. But because of funding issues not every school has one. Lawmakers have cut funding for this program but Governor Beebe still considers this issue a priority. We need to have every lawmaker consider funding AEDs in schools a priority.

By taking action today you will be doing two things. You will: 1. Ask your State Representative and State Senator to find funding for AEDs and 2. Thank Governor Beebe for remaining committed to this issue.

Defibrillators in Arkansas: no school should be without one.

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