Saturday, January 30, 2010

Interview With Miss Universe Stefania Fernandez

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Miss Universe Stefania Fernandez

Latinaroom caught up with Miss Universe Stefania Fernandez at the mun2 and Maybelline Present “The mun2 Look” VIP Launch Party in New York City. Here is what she had to tell us.

LR: Hi Everybody its Christina from I’m here with Stefania, Miss Universe. How are you?

SF: Hello darling. I’m doing well, great!

LR: How are you feeling these days being Miss Universe? What have you done lately in your role as Miss Universe?

SF: Well, I’m about to complete five months as Miss Universe. I’ve traveled to Indonesia and France and my country Venezuela participating in a lot of goodwill activity. Truthfully, I’m very happy and the Miss Universe organization has been a delight. They’re like my second family.

LR: We’re so happy for you and thank you for being here with us at this fabulous mun2 event and we hope to see you again. Congratulations on winning Miss Universe.

SF: Thank you.

Click Here to watch the video interview (En Espanol)

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