Thursday, January 07, 2010

Another Beauty Queen Smashing the Stereotype

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Mrs. Alaska America Erika Bennett and daughter Keena at a Covenant House event
Do you think that being a pageant winner is all about stilettos, worrying about make-up and acting like a caricature of a pageant winner? Think again. Bush pilot-turned beauty queen Erika Bennett is balancing her life as Mrs. Alaska America with being a mother and a pilot and smashing stereotypes left and right. While Pageants Examiner has yet to meet a cookie-cutter stereotype in and Mrs. Alaska America pageant, Erika has the unique perspective of having been to many places that most contestants will never have the chance of going.

Pageants Examiner caught up with Erika and discovered why she is a busy lady. Since winning the title and going to nationals and competing against some of the nations smartest and most glamorous married women, Erika has stayed on her toes as a board member for The Alaska Airmen’s Association.

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BeautyQueen xoxo said...

I hate it how the news, only shows what some contestant did, to violate there contract. It would be nice it they'd show a more positive view