Friday, January 29, 2010

Debra Gilmour's story in MORE Magazine's Reinvention Contest

So much about being a woman over 50 is exhilarating. With a world wide open with opportunities and chances, I am looking at each with the eyes and perspective that only age and experience can provide.

Another one of those moments came today in the form of the acceptance of my story for the MORE Magazine Reinvention Contest.  Please click the link below to be taken to MORE's website.  I hope you like it, and would very much appreciate your vote!
A Crowning Moment!
A Crowning Moment!
By thirty-six I was a registered lobbyist convincing officials to pass bills.  I interfaced with power brokers, politicians.  This was orchestrated around schedules of children whose lives were interwoven to the best of my ability.  From the vantage point of others, I lead a glamorous life.  
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