Friday, October 09, 2009

Colleen Cahill Studios Photo Shoot Includes Hiking and Climbing, Just What This Oregon Girl Loves!

One of the many wonderful things about living on the west coast?  The beauty of the area is a huge attraction to those with artistic talents.

One such person is Colleen Cahill, owner of Colleen Cahill Studios.  Colleen grew up in the Portland/Metro area so she knows some of the best natural attractions Oregon has to offer. She also understands how they can factor into her craft, photography.
On what literally turned out to be the last day of summer in Oregon (its been cool and rainy ever since), Colleen, her trusty assistant Debbie and I ventured to some gorgeous sites to take my official Beauties of America 50s photos. First stop, the parking lot of the studio for some fun shots with my car.
The link (see below) to the raw images tell the story.  Colleen is an amazing photographer capable of turning the ordinary into the extraordinary.  Thank you Colleen for some truly remarkable pictures.  I have quite a story to tell about how we actually got them!
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