Thursday, October 22, 2009

Beauty pageant wants Prejean breast money back

Carrie Prejean

The Miss California pageant says Carrie Prejean owes money they loaned her for a breast enhancement

Former beauty queen turned icon of the religious right Carrie Prejean is being counter-sued by the organisers of the Miss California pageant that she
won earlier this year. Keith Lewis claims that she still owes them $5,200 which they loaned her to have breast implants.

Prejean shot to fame when she expressed her opposition to gay marriage during the Miss America pageant in April and was championed by Fox News host Sean Hannity and other right-wing groups. She was
subsequently stripped of her state title last June after semi-nude photographs of her were found by the TMZ gossip website, in violation of an agreement she had signed with K2 Productions, the
pageant's organisers.

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