Thursday, October 22, 2009

Carrie Prejean Owes $5,200 for Breast Implant!

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Carrie Prejean Before and After Breast Implant

We heard all these things about inner and natural beauty at the beauty pageant, but who knows what happened behind the scene? So Carrie Prejean once was been headlines when Carrie Prejean’s Photos in Playboy magazine were out. Now, the production company that runs Miss California beauty pageant iling a cross complaint against Prejean, demanding, among other things, that Carrie return the $5,200 the pageant fronted her for her breast augmentation.

Although now, finding $5,200 might not be as hard for her considering her being offered so much for  several Playboy photo shoot. Playboy seemed to be able to offer $140,000 for Carrie Prejean’s Playboy pictures nude. Is she finally going to accept it to pay for her lawsuit? Let’s wait and see more.

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